Here are questions for us to prayerfully consider as we prepare for worship this Sunday (the lessons are from the Track 2 option). We hope you will find them a useful resource as you prepare to receive them in church. Click on the red headings below to go to the reading.

1 Kings 19:15-16,19-21

This passage from the Old Testament may have been the source for what is referred to in the reading from Luke (9:59-62). The prophet’s response (and Jesus’) may seem harsh to most of us—why not say goodbye to family and our current life before going out on a new faith adventure? What might be the advantage of a radical break before undertaking a mission from God?

Psalm 16

As part of our daily prayers this week, try reciting this psalm out loud. Notice which words, images, or phrases stand out to you. Try reflecting further on what connects with you more deeply.

Galatians 5:1,13-25

Three key words stand out in this passage with so many powerful words (good and bad)—freedom, love, and the Spirit. Freedom is not just for us, but freedom is for others, too—so that helps us realize we are not to try to control others. The love of Christ at work in us transforms us so we are less concerned with rules and more aware of other people and our relationship with them. And to make this freedom and love happen, we learn our need to live in and be guided by the Spirit as individuals and as a community.

Luke 9:51-62

This passage describes encounters between Jesus and those he meets on the road. Some rejected him because of his ethnicity; Jesus questioned whether others had counted the cost of following him; and still others had mixed emotions between staying home and answering their call. Do you fit in one of these groups? Or is there another way to describe how you respond to Jesus?