We began offering Lessons and Questions in Lent when our seasonal focus was on Worship. They were well received, so we’re continuing the practice and we hope you will find them a useful resource as you prepare to receive the readings in church each week.

Lessons & Questions for Easter VI, May 26, 2019

Acts 16:9-15

Paul and his ministry colleagues did four unusual things in this part of their mission: 1) They crossed over into Europe for the first time; 2) they participated in a prayer meeting by a river, not a religious building; 3) they spoke to a congregation of women; 4) and one of the women, an affluent business person, invited them to stay in her home. These Spirit-led, outside-the-box actions launched the Christian movement in Europe. What Spirit-led, outside-the-box ministry initiatives might we be called to be part of today?

Psalm 67

This psalm is well-suited for daily devotions. Try reading it aloud as you set aside time to pray and be open to God this week.

Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5

A vision of the end of the story in the Christian imagination reveals many things. One is a vision of trees, the leaves of which are for “the healing of the nations.” What do you think might be involved in the healing of the nations? What might nations stop after this international healing? What might nations do better? What would you look forward to in this new world?

John 5:1-9

In this story of Jesus healing someone, he asked an unusual question: “Do you want to be made well?” The answer would seem to be obvious! The man side-tracked the question and offered all the reasons why he had not been made well over the past thirty-eight years. For us, how would we answer if Jesus asked us, “Do you want to be made well?” What has been troubling us for years about which we simply give reasons why we cannot be healed? How would we respond to Jesus’ direction, “Stand up, take your mat and walk” regarding the circumstances that need healing in our lives?