Here is the link to the lessons for this Sunday

And here are questions for us to prayerfully consider as we prepare to receive them:

Acts 1:6-14

One of the last things that Jesus said to his followers according to the Book of Acts is, “It is not for you to know…” How do you feel about not knowing, especially about how things are going to turn out in your life or in the world? Does it give you peace? Does it make you anxious? During this pandemic and our different phases of transition to the new normal, no matter how hard we plan and prepare, there are things we still do not know. Are we able to relax and let those unanswerable questions remain unanswered?

Psalm 68:1-10, 33-36

This psalm points to some of the people and places where God may be found—in Nature; among those who are neglected (widows, orphans, the solitary, and prisoners); and among God’s people who rejoice before God. This week pay closer attention to some of these different areas of life. Look for God’s presence there. Then give thanks and join in where God may be found.

1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11

During this time of pandemic, many of us are suffering in different ways. Some have become sick with the COVID-19 virus and some have died. Others are lonely and perhaps suffering from problems loneliness can exacerbate— including mental health and addiction issues. Some of us have had a financial or job loss. Whatever we may face, how does our faith in God help us to endure? How can our brothers and sisters in faith help us? If you are struggling, reach out to God in prayer and contact someone you trust—clergy or a fellow church member—to listen and pray.

John 17:1-11

How do you imagine eternal life? Some may think of a New Yorker cartoon—people on clouds with angel’s wings and a harp. This passage has one of the few descriptions of what eternal life is about—to know God. The good news we believe is that we can begin eternal life while still living on this side of glory. At least part of that knowledge of God comes to us as we study the life of Jesus and pray for grace to follow his way of love with a community of fellow followers. If we know God, even in part, our lives will change. Three examples of that change in us—an ability to forgive; a gracious kindness to others; and a passion to protect and advocate for the most vulnerable around us. Do we find those eternal qualities in our lives today?