I heard a sermon last week which ended with the question, “Are you grateful for the little things?” It was a really obvious thing to say but, in the silence that followed, I found myself looking around the Church I was in and thanking God that there were flecks of mica in the stone walls which glittered slightly and that the floor beneath my feet was stable and weatherproof.

As I drove to the hospital this morning to anoint someone who is very sick I was listening to a program on NPR about how families can deal with political conversations around the Thanksgiving table. We are a complicated bunch. I know that there will be both tears and gratitude around that hospital bed and I hope that arguments will not outweigh love and an awareness of blessings for those who gather as families this week.

We are capable of giving thanks in many places and at many times. Our fellowship meal, The Eucharist, is a work of thanksgiving. We are Thanksgiving people, not only once a year, but each and every day. Thank God this week for those you love and for those you don’t, for those who are near and those who are far, for the things you understand and those you do not. Look for the tiny sparkles, the signs of life and the laughter of a child. Remember to thank God for the small things.