About Christ Church

Christ Episcopal Church is a thriving parish of 6150 members nestled in the bustling beach community of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, a suburb of Jacksonville. For 66 years, Christ Church has answered its call to be the Christian center and community church of Ponte Vedra Beach. During the tenures of its three previous rectors, our church has grown from a small, cinderblock church to a multisite parish with a preschool and an impressive physical plant.

More impressive, though, is the community of Christ Church, which is committed to discipleship and through which are enabled robust ministries and deep bonds with its community outreach and international mission partners with whom we joyfully work to transform lives through the love of God in Christ.

The Next Rector of Christ Church Must…

Preach and teach with charisma and energy

Through the years, Christ Church has hosted wonderful preachers in our clergy staff. The congregation responds to spiritually challenging and inspiring sermons, which relate to our everyday lives. Humor, humility, relatability, and spiritual depth are key.

Lead with warmth and approachability

We desire a leader who finds joy and fulfilment in ministry and allows that joy to be the foundational key to his or her leadership.

Build teams around a common vision

We look for our next rector to continue providing clarity in our mission of transforming lives through the love of God in Christ. We seek a rector who will continually remind us of our calling and build support and coalition around the ministries that support our common vision as expressed in our strategic plan.

Partner with exceptionally strong lay leadership

Christ Church has grown specifically because of the exceptional participation and faithfulness of its lay leaders. We seek a rector who will strengthen those bonds and support the lay leaders of this parish in their ministry.

Communicate effectively

We seek a leader who will communicate openly, honestly, effectively, and consistently. With a large staff, committed membership base, and multiple campuses, communication is key to our culture of success. The next rector must demonstrate the ability to communicate well through various media.

Adapt and grow with us

Christ Church is constantly changing. We experiment; we innovate; we remain nimble and flexible. We expect the same from our Rector.

Thrive in the experience of tension

Christ Church manifests tremendous diversity in its worship styles, individual backgrounds, political leanings, and theological convictions. Our next rector must not only be able to tolerate the tension of this diversity, but find it fertile ground for the Gospel of reconciliation.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and digital access to audio/video of three sermons to the Rector’s Assistant Dedra Torelli, at

Our beloved third Rector of Christ Church, the Rev. Rick Westbury Jr., recently announced his intention to retire. As we move into our search for our next Rector, we thank Rick, his wife Carole and their family for nearly 20 years of devoted service to God and the entire Christ Church community.