30th November is St. Andrew’s Day. St Andrew was among the first group of Disciples whom Jesus called. I often wonder what it was about Jesus which captured his attention and made him decide to leave everything which he had and follow Him. Had Jesus been around the area for a while, chatting with various fishermen, getting to know them, building relationships? Or did Jesus just turn up one day and have something so special about him that in a split second Andrew made a decision which would change his life for ever.

We will never know and, in many ways, it really does not matter. But what the question may remind us of, is just how many ways there are to come to faith in Christ. We all have slightly different journeys. Sometimes people have stories of miraculous conversions, but for most people coming to faith is a much slower process of relationship building and growing in confidence in God’s love and mercy.

However your faith journey is taking shape, we can be inspired by these early Apostles – even though we are not all called to be exactly like them. Our Christian witness is a calling which God makes to each of us, where we are and how we are. A heart willing to put down our “nets” is what God wants, but sometimes we will be asked to carry on fishing, knowing that there is a greater purpose at play.