Let’s grow closer while we are apart!  Using good old-fashioned snail mail, Christ Church Pen Pals will connect kids (18 and younger) and seniors (65+) in friendship. Your mailbox just got a lot more interesting!  Sign up below to participate.


Does the participant need to be a member of Christ Church?
Christ Church Pen Pals is for parishioners (anyone who calls Christ Church home) and their friends. In other words, if you are a church member and you know a senior (a friend, neighbor, or family member) who isn’t a member of Christ Church, but who would love to participate, please share this program with them!

How often will I communicate with my Pen Pal?  
After signing up, participants will receive an email from the church when they’ve been assigned a Pen Pal. We suggest that the older Pal write first, and the younger Pal replies.  You and your Pal can write back and forth as often as you like!  If you aren’t hearing back from your Pal, please let us know so that we can check in and make sure they want to participate.

What should I write?
Pen Pals can write quick notes or longer letters, or include drawings. Tell your Pal about yourself, and ask questions about them. Pray for your Pen Pal, and ask in each note if there’s anything specific (joy or concern) they’d like you to pray about.

What if my Pen Pal is too little to read my letter? 
That’s okay. Younger Pals can have a parent help them read your note.

Is it safe for my child to begin a friendship with an older person?
Friendships between young and old are often a beautiful gift to both — full of both play and wisdom!  In this time of social distancing, these new friendships will provide a wonderful opportunity for connection. And rediscovering snail mail might be a refreshing change from screen time! Parents, you might decide to read notes from the older Pal with your child, or before your child. In the unlikely event that you become concerned about the friendship, please let us know.

Can I call or visit my Pen Pal in person?
No, not yet please. This program will use snail mail only for now. When it’s safe to gather again, we look forward to a future Pen Pal Meetup during Sunday morning breakfast at Christ Church! If Pen Pals are not able to physically attend at that time, but a visit would be welcome (again, when it’s safe for all), please reach out to Catherine Montgomery who can talk with the younger Pal’s parent to see if this is possible.