Advent is almost upon us. We move from the celebration of Christ the King to the journey to Christmas. From splendor to a dust road.

“O Come let us Adore Him” are familiar words at Christmas. We can imagine the visitors who would greet Jesus talking and calling to each other, “Come on! Come on!”

It is easy to get lost in the weeks leading up to Christmas in a storm of parties and presents. Christmas become just another thing to do, “I will, but let me get through Christmas first,” we often say.

Mary and Joseph are heading to Bethlehem looking forward to greeting their child and beginning a new phase of life as parents. What difference would it make if Christmas was an entering into a new phase of life each year? If it was a time to allow Christ to be born anew into our hearts? How would we journey then? Even if the journey is hard and fraught with difficulty, we are invited to make it joyfully, knowing that when we get to Christmas we can stop and adore this baby and pause, ready to journey on, refreshed, renewed and reclaimed by the love of God in Jesus.