Living Well 101

Have you seen someone around our campus wearing a button similar to this one?  They are members of a new ministry at Christ Church called “Living Well 101.”

So, what’s it all about?

Living Well 101 is a Christ-centered educational program being offered to parishioners beginning May 5th. It includes a comprehensive look at end-of-life issues that need attention while you’re still healthy. It includes: estate and financial planning, medical planning, comfort care, legacy planning, and, ultimately, the celebration of your life. Additionally, the program encourages you to keep God at the center of it all.

Who will help me?

You’ll leave the May 5th workshop assigned to a Living Well Minister who is trained in confidentiality and will help you follow through with your planning. The Living Well minister does not do your planning for you, rather, they encourage you to complete the necessary documents and questionnaires and then share them with your loved ones.

Why now?

Our clergy have noted an increase in the number of families who are left without direction upon the death of a loved one. This often causes family strife at a time when the deceased person’s life should be celebrated and memories cherished. This program is designed to help you document your wishes and have important conversations with your family and friends regarding those wishes.  This ministry is about planning with a focus on ensuring that the uncertainties that occur in the lives of many people do not have to occur in your life.

I already have a Will, so why do I need to do this?

Many of you may have already made and communicated your decisions and wishes in some of the aforementioned areas to your loved ones.  However, few, if any of us, have thought through and done all of it. The reality is that 100% of us are going to die one day.  However, it’s often not something that occurs when we expect it to.  For many, it occurs without the kind of prayerful consideration and communication that is included in Living Well.

For more information, please see Mother Jessica Babcock or one of the Living Well Ministers who will be wearing the Living Well Button during the month of April. SIGN UP HERE for the program on May 5, or stop by the office and sign-up.  There is a $15 enrollment fee to cover the cost of breakfast, lunch and program materials.