from Fr. Keith Oglesby

What do you do when there is something important coming up in your life? A wedding, a graduation, a special birthday or anniversary party, or some other event? Most of us will send out a “save the date” to our friends and family to be sure they are able to attend. I would like to do that for all of you that might be interested in attending important events with ICARE as part of our justice ministry at Christ Church.

February 23 Justice Ministry Network Meeting

The first important event is here in the parish. On Sunday, February 23 at 12:30 p.m. in Westbury Hall, we will have a simple lunch and our first Justice Ministry Network Meeting for 2020. The people who will attend include our six justice ministry team leaders and our thirty or so justice network members. The members are responsible for bringing three other people to the Nehemiah Assembly, March 30 (more on that later). All church members are invited to attend the meeting on February 16 if you are curious about the justice ministry. RSVP to Fr. Keith.

March 2 Rally

The Rally is the time for us to learn what our research teams have identified as our priorities to present to our elected leaders at the Nehemiah Assembly. It is a time to get excited and be informed so that we go to the Nehemiah Assembly as well-prepared participants.  Please contact Fr. Keith or your justice ministry network contact if you want to learn more; or let us know you want to attend.

March 30 Nehemiah Assembly

In some ways the climax of the justice ministry year with ICARE is the Nehemiah Assembly. This year it will be held at 6:45 p.m. March 30, at Abyssinia Baptist Church. Typically, we meet as a group at church around 5 pm, have a light meal, and either carpool or ride together on a bus to the church. We will offer more logistical details closer to the date; but please mark this date on your calendar—it is important. Through this action, we get to practice the justice demanded by our faith; and be part of the democratic process by assembling to make our requests known to government officials.

May 18 Celebration

The last save the date is the Celebration on May 18. We will gather at 7 pm at Woodlawn Presbyterian to rejoice in our victories and encourage one another in the work we still need to accomplish. It is also a time when we will be asked to support ICARE in the new year with our financial gifts, our time, and our efforts. I look forward to being there for the first time this year.

So those are our “save the dates” for justice. I hope many of you will join me, the justice ministry network members, and team leaders in the work God has called all of us to be part of as people of faith— “to do justice.”

Fr. Keith+