Sunday School for Children in Grades 3-5

The “Mission” of Weaving God’s Promises:

  • Weaving Gods Promises

    To teach children how God’s promises of salvation are woven into our lives.

  • To teach children the way of Christ, not only in the church but also in the world as Christ’s ambassadors.
  • To give children a solid grounding for youth ministry, which prepares them for Christian adulthood.
  • To foster the spiritual formation and growth of our children and youth in Christ’s love and mercy and to teach the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Three Years of Weaving God’s Promises

2021-2022: Weaving God’s Beloved Community
How we are called by God to live in loving community with one another and fulfill God’s promises for us in the healing of all creation.
THEME: We are called by God to live as One Body in Christ, loving our neighbors as ourselves.  We will focus on the Gospel of Luke, with emphasis on our holy calling to care for others and the gospel values of welcome, inclusion, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, justice, and liberation.

2022-2023: Weaving Our Faith
The story of our salvation and our story from the fall of humankind to our redemption by Jesus Christ and how we fit into this story.
THEME: God loves us and stays with us—no matter what—to bring us back to God’s divine love.  We will focus on the Gospel of Matthew, emphasizing the Kingdom of God and our Anglican tradition and faith.

2023-2024: Weaving Together the Family of God
How we became God’s people and part of the household of God, the Communion of Saints.
THEME: Once we were no people, but now we are God’s people.  We will focus on the Gospel of John, with stories of individual encounters with Jesus, transformation in God’s love, and the saints of the church.

Grade levels begin together in the room 224 in the Formation & Arts Building, and breakout for small group discussions.

Third Grade Bible Presentation

In the Fall each year, our third graders are presented with personalized, leather-bound NRSV bibles in a special presentation ceremony during worship. This tradition at Christ Church is an outward and visible sign of our commitment to the faith formation of our parish’s children. Children are bringing these bibles to and from Formation classes and worship each week. Our hope is that these bibles will be well worn over time, staying with the children as they transition into youth ministry, through confirmation, and into adulthood.