Volunteer Service

Your gifts of time and talent truly make a difference. We encourage you to get involved in our community and volunteer for one or more of our many service, support and ministry opportunities. These include:

  • Worship – Assisting with worship services and our Music and Arts Ministry
  • Pastoral Care – A network of church members and ministries
  • Spiritual Life – Assisting with renewal and education
  • Outreach – Programs and projects in our community and beyond
  • Fellowship Groups – Church members joined together based on common interests, experiences, needs and service
  • Christian Formation – Christian education involving teaching adults and children
  • Welcoming – Greeting newcomers into our community
  • Youth Ministry – Engaging our youth, their families and friends
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Volunteers Needed

Want to get started right away? Here are some current service opportunities where you can make an impact.

Reaching out to serve others is a vital part of all we do – in our community, across the United States, and around the globe.  We invite you to connect with ministry leaders to learn more about opportunities to serve with our outreach partners.