Families Thrive Here

We love children at Christ Church! Because we value their presence in worship, typically Sunday School meets from 10:15 – 11:00, in between the two main worship times.  We often refer to Sunday School as “formation,” because we believe that studying scripture in community is a lifelong process in which we are being formed by God.  There are generally formation opportunities for all ages during the formation “hour,” for children beginning at age 3, youth, and adults.

In order to provide an opportunity for families to connect with each other and nurture their faith, we recently introduced a small group program for families called Community Circles!

In addition to our robust Children’s Formation program, we host special activities and events for children and families throughout the year, to deepen children’s worship experiences, provide inter-generational learning and fellowship opportunities, and make a connection to family faith life at home.

Christ Church also hosts a week-long Vacation Bible School program in the summer that draws children from all over our community.  We developed a special VBS curriculum called Love First, which is unique to Christ Church.  This program highlights how we can best love ourselves, love our neighbors, and love God.

Follow our Facebook Page for Children’s Christian Formation at CEC for news and current events. To learn about volunteering in Children’s Formation, contact Catherine Montgomery.

Village Small Groups for Parents

Are you interested in connecting with other parents while your children attend Sunday School?  The Village Small Group provides a self-led space for fellowship, support and spiritual growth.  Because parents are busy, you can attend anytime you are able, with or without a partner, and there is almost never any “homework.”  This is group where friends are made and people can be real, because it truly takes a village.  JOIN A SMALL GROUP


Ages 4 months – 5 years
Advance Registration Required
Our excellent nursery staff seek to provide a safe, warm and loving environment including the use of Bible stories, songs and crafts. Beepers are provided so that the staff can buzz you anywhere on campus if your child needs you. Nursery staff workers are trained in health, safety and CPR, and have met Diocesan requirements regarding Safeguarding God’s Children training. Learn More and Register

Christ Church Preschool

Christ Church’s Preschool serves children aged 12 months through six years old. For more information contact Head-of-School Stephanie Massey.

Music and Arts

We believe in empowering kids to explore their artistic gifts, talents, and abilities. Our Music and Arts Ministry and Creative Academy offer families a wide variety of opportunities in music, dance, theater, visual and culinary arts.


(Ministry of Mothers Sharing)

Mothers (of all ages) form a network of mutual spiritual support in this vibrant ministry. MOMS provides a group experience of learning, praying and ministering to one another, opportunities for personal and spiritual growth in a faith-sharing environment. There are peer led book studies, play dates, current topic sessions and many opportunities for fellowship and female bonding throughout the year. We do all of this while having a great time together! For more information, contact Catherine Montgomery.