Community Circles – Family Ministry

Christ Church families, we hear you. Many of you are returning to in-person worship, either indoors or outdoors, while others are still holding off due to pandemic concerns. Some of you are worshipping online, while others can’t stomach another moment of screen time. With the nursery closed for now, and children’s formation classes still suspended at this time, families are telling us they miss in-person connection with other families, and incorporating faithful conversations at home is easier said than done.

With all of this in mind, and because we know that parents are always their children’s primary spiritual guides, we are pleased to introduce Church Church Community Circles!  These circles will provide a chance to connect with others in person, as safely as possible, where faith can be nurtured. Whether your family is attending worship currently or not, participation in a circle will provide an important opportunity to connect with others, connect within, and connect with God.

Each circle will consist of three or four families, with a recommendation of no more than 20 people total. We will help you find a circle that’s a great fit for your family, based on where and when you’d like to meet, and the age of your children. Our hope is that circles will meet twice a month in an outdoor location, coordinated by a circle captain. Family Ministry at Christ Church will provide prayers, readings, discussion questions, formation lessons – as much or as little support desired by each circle to fill gatherings with joy and intention.


Would you like to get together at the beach on a weekend evening? Or are you homeschooling and looking for an activity to do with your kids on a weekday afternoon? Would you like grandparents to be included? Do you already have other families in mind for your circle, or are you brand new to town and hoping to make new friends? Fill out the interest form below, and we’ll do the rest.

May each circle be blessed, as we continue our life together as one big church family.

  • Just one email address needed per family.
  • Cell preferred, please.
  • Please provide the names of all adults in your family who may participate in your circle. Please feel free to include grandparents!
  • Please provide first name(s), age(s) and grade(s) for your child(ren).
  • Do you have a preference for adult participation in your group?
  • Please select any that appeal to you.
  • If you have a beach preference, neighborhood park, or other public space in mind, please let us know.
  • Please select any that appeal to you, or leave blank if you have no preference.
  • Generally speaking, when do you think circle meetings might work best for you? (Select all that appeal to you.)
  • Check any that appeal to you, or just one if there's a main reason you'd like to participate.
  • Circle captains coordinate meetings with their circle, and act as the point of contact with Family Ministry for resources and other support.
  • If your family has special needs or interests, if there's anything else we should know to help us create a great circle for you, or if you answered "other" to any of the above questions, please provide detail here. Thanks!