Presented by musical theater greats, Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Godspell) and John Caird, Children of Eden is an enchanting retelling of the stories of creation, the fall of man, and the great flood. This poignant, riveting production tells ancient stories in a timely and relevant manner. Children of Eden is a story of wonder, faith, consequences, and the world we leave for those that come behind us.

PLEASE NOTE: Seating for this production is general admission. Tickets for the first two rows may be reserved by selecting Premium Seating.

Children of Eden Cast

Father Michael Palmisano
Adam/JapethMike Yarick
Eve/YonahCourtney Fitzgerald
CainAustin Kelley
AbelKevin Carroll
NoahMike Roberts
Mama NoahSusan Roth
Ham/SnakeJohn Willim
Aphra/StorytellerBetsy Darnell
Shem/StorytellerJim Pennella
Aysha/Storyteller Courtney Miller
Snake/StorytellerKaryn Carroll
Snake/StorytellerRosalie Davies
Snake/StorytellerLinda Muldoon
Snake/StorytellerShari Lin Muldoon
Snake/StorytellerPatrice Sheedy
Snake/StorytellerArden Spies
StorytellerSuzie Maltz
StorytellerRich Sheedy
Young CainCasey Carroll
Young AbelCharlie Pennella
AnimalCharlotte Alford
AnimalKeegan Carroll
AnimalKai Darnell
AnimalRuby Darnell
Animal/StorytellerKaz Sasaki
Animal/StorytellerAndrew Szyslowski
AnimalSydney Walker
AnimalMaura Waller
AnimalAvery Willim
AnimalHarper Willim