Our Structure

The leader of our Church is called the Presiding Bishop. Currently that position is held by The Most Reverend Michael Curry.

Bishop Michael Curry is committed to sharing the story of Jesus with people through word and action. The Episcopal Church has long worked for inclusivity.  We also take our call to social action seriously. Here at Christ Church we have mission partners locally and globally. We support their mission by joining their work and by offering considerable financial support. This is the story of the Episcopal Church. We are not afraid to be what Bishop Curry calls “The Jesus Movement.” Those who follow Christ not only by saying we are Christians but also as those who act as Christ’s hands. In all the messiness and confusion of the world around us, we take the risk that Jesus took, radical love and action for justice.

Bishop Michael Curry heads us and then Episcopal Church is split into organisational groups called Dioceses. These are organized geographically. This means that in urban areas there may be several Dioceses close together. In very rural areas a Diocese may cover hundreds of miles. Each Diocese is overseen by a Bishop. The Bishop of Florida is Rt. Rev Samuel Johnson Howard.

In Florida there are five Dioceses. The Dioceses of Florida, Central Florida, Southeast Florida, Southwest Florida and Central Gulf Coast. The Bishop of Florida is The Right Reverend Samuel Howard Johnson. He has committed a lot of energy to building up Prison ministry in the Diocese. He has also overseen missions in some of the most vulnerable communities in North Florida and is, currently, building up an educational program through the Bishop’s Institute which will serve Florida and beyond.

Within our Dioceses the local Churches are called parishes. Christ Church is a parish. We have two sorts of leadership. Firstly there is the Vestry. This is a group of people elected from the Parish who are not clergy. They are headed by a senior warden and a junior warden and they are the ones who oversee every aspect of Church governance.

The other thread of leadership are the clergy. The Rector is the senior clergy person and oversees all aspects of Parish Life. The relationship between the clergy and the vestry is important. They both support and balance each other. The parishes are directly answerable to Bishop Howard. Michael Curry acts as guide and inspiration for our who denomination. Presiding Bishops only rarely use what executive power they have.

Our Rector is The Rev. Thomas P. Reeder. Fr. Tom was called as Rector in March of 2018 and will continue much of the work begun by previous Rectors in terms of community service and telling the story of Jesus through the people of the Church. He is also overseeing an ambitious Capital Campaign to refurbish and rebuild some of the aging parts of our Campus. More information on our clergy can be found on the Clergy Page.