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Fr. Bob Morris
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Fr. Bob Morris
Center for Spirituality
2002 San Pablo Road
Jacksonville, FL 32224.

An experience of thanksgiving in community
Sundays @ 5:00 p.m.
Dinner is served afterwards. All are welcome.

Center for Spirituality
2002 San Pablo Road, Jacksonville, FL 32224

For real reasons the church is often perceived in a negative light. “There’s too much talk about sin! Too many rules! Too much judgment! Too many answers to things that just don’t have answers! Where’s the mystery? The wonder? The love?”

People say, “I don’t want a God that I can fully understand. I want a God who loves me, even when it doesn’t make sense. I’m searching for a God of second, third and fourth chances. I’m looking for a God who creates and re-creates. Not just in the past, but in the here and now! One who cares about the poor and the sick. One who cares about the inequities in our world. One who cares about the earth. I long for a God who is alive and working to bring it all together!”

Thankfully, there are places to begin experiencing such a God. At the Center for Spirituality we strive to open the “experience of thanksgiving in community” to everyone, especially those who have felt shut out of the church for one reason or another.

We design “eucharist” so that it is accessible to a wide range of people, from diverse backgrounds and religious experience. Individuals participate as they are comfortable: quietly experiencing God’s love, saying a silent prayer, lighting a votive candle, asking for healing prayer or receiving Communion.

“eucharist” is ancient, yet modern. It is differently traditional, and peacefully joyful. It is healing, encouraging and fulfilling. It is the perfect end of one week, and beginning of the next. Recently, as “eucharist” was drawing to a close, someone was heard saying: “Now, that is what I call church!”

Join us for Dinner. Following “eucharist,” we gather for a meal and a chance to visit. All are welcome.

Service Times

DayTimeLocationService Type
Sunday5:00 p.m.Center for SpiritualityContemplative, with music

Christ Episcopal Church at San Pablo