Christ Church Cares

At Christ Church, pastoral care is led by The Rev. Deacon Marsha Holmes and is composed of a team of clergy and laity working together. Our clergy offer all types of pastoral care in addition to their sacramental, preaching, teaching and administrative responsibilities. However, much of Christ Church’s day-to-day pastoral duties are carried out by more than 200 trained parishioners who serve in the various ministries of Christ Church Cares—our innovative model of care for those in need. These ministries include:

  • Eucharistic Visitors Ministry
  • Flower Ministry
  • Good Samaritan Ministry
  • Intercessors Ministry
  • Meal Ministry
  • Stephen Ministry
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Visitation Ministry
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Savvy Job Hunters Ministry
  • Celebration Ministry
  • Newborn and Adoption Ministry
  • Military Support Network

The Shepherds of Christ Church Cares

Christ Church Cares’ shepherds are parishioners who, after training, keep in touch with a particular segment of the congregation. They function much like a neighborhood watch! Upon learning that one of “their” households is experiencing a situation for which pastoral support might be helpful, shepherds make contact and offer the services of Christ Church’s clergy and various pastoral support ministries.

Click here to download the Christ Church Cares brochure.