Pastoral Care

Lay appreciation photos 042The term “pastoral care” comes from the Latin word pastor, meaning “shepherd,” and denotes the idea of shepherding the flock—the protecting, feeding and strengthening of those who look to us for guidance. At Christ Church, a team of over 200 trained parishioners in concert with clergy carry out the day-to-day pastoral care needs of the church, serving in a variety of ministries to make certain that everyone’s needs are met. Pastoral Support, Pastoral Resources, Shepherds, and innovative programming all combine to create a system to meet the needs of this large congregation and ensure that “no one walks alone.”

The Stephen Ministry

If you are feeling burdened or overwhelmed, The Christ Episcopal Church Stephen Ministry is here to help you.

The Stephen Ministry is a special, confidential ministry in which one Christian reaches out to another in a time of need. Through this direct relationship, one who is hurting receives support and care during a difficult time.

A Stephen Minister is a trained, lay member of the congregation who, as a caring and supportive Christian, is always available for you in times of illness, grief or crisis. A Stephen Minister will:

  • Visit with you regularly, at mutually beneficial times and places
  • Listen
  • Be absolutely confidential
  • Offer referrals and resources if needed
  • Pray for you
  • Offer Christian love and support

If you are hurting, recently suffered a loss, feel like changes or problems are taking over your life, or in any way doubt God’s presence and love for you, please consider asking for a Stephen Minister.

For more information on our Stephen Ministry, please call:

  • San Juan Campus – The Rev. Deacon Marsha Holmes, (904) 285-6127 or Karol Mantz (904 710-6776
  • San Pablo Campus -The Rev. Deacon Marsha Holmes, (904) 285-6127 or Karol Mantz (904) 710-6776

Walking the Mourner’s Path

Walking the Mourner’s Path is a Christ-centered bereavement and grief support program. It is a non-denominational, non-profit ministry working with Christ Church. Its purpose is to transform your grief into joyful living by offering the outstretched hand of Christ during mourning.

This program is offered several times a year. Once per week for eight weeks, eight to 10 participants meet for a 90-minute session. There is a workbook that offers questions for reflection, as well as exercises that help you define a new relationship with your loved one and find God’s direction for your life. As a participant, you are not required to share, however you are provided the opportunity to express as little or as much as you need in a safe environment.

For information on Walking the Mourner’s Path, please contact Cindy Corritore, pastoral care administrative assistant, at (904) 285-7390 ext. 231 or


Rebuilding After Divorce

 Rebuilding After Divorce is a Christ-centered divorce recovery program. As a ministry of Christ Church, we are distinct from other divorce recovery programs in that we are Christ-centered and congregationally based.

 Rebuilding After Divorce is a program for those who are feeling the brokenness in their lives from the experience of divorce. Many people have deep feelings of despair, disappointment, revenge, retaliation, hopelessness or helplessness. They need to develop a whole new orientation to life before they can move on to the new life ahead. Rebuilding After Divorce provides a useful framework and practical guide to examine where you are and how to begin to move toward a different future.