Emerge Ramp“Outreach” quite literally means reaching out to those in need. The mission of the Outreach Committee of Christ Episcopal Church is to be an outward and visible expression of Christ’s call to our parish. This call is to prayerfully remember, serve and financially assist those who minister to the poor, the sick and the less fortunate in our community, our nation and the world. At Christ Church, we see a need and try to respond. We ask, “Can this be done?” And we keep asking until people see that it can be done. On this page you will find the names and links to the many outreach ministries we support. We encourage you to ask yourself, “How can I help get this done?”

Our outreach ministries include:

In our community and the U.S.

 Outside the U.S.

2015 Outreach Grant Application

2015 Outreach Grant Application criteria and schedule

For more information, please contact the church office at 904-285-6127 or christepiscopalchurch@christepiscopalchurch.org.

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