Study: Christian Formation

girl-with-paper-crossWe use the term “formation” to refer to Christian education, but it means more than just education. “Education” implies a finish – a person graduates and receives a diploma or certificate and moves on to the next stage of life. “Formation” implies a continuous, life-long journey – always questioning, wondering and learning. We are constantly being formed as Christians as we strive to define our personal relationship with God and seek a closer relationship with Him. At Christ Episcopal Church, we are strongly committed to Christian Formation and the opportunities to find spiritual fulfillment. As well, we hope to foster a feeling of community within and among our children where children feel safe, happy, and intrigued by the possibilities of their faith in their own lives. Sunday Formation classes at Ponte Vedra Beach meet from 10:15-11:00 a.m.

Children’s Formation (Sunday School)

Godly Play – Preschool (ages 3 and 4) through 1st grade – Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. Godly Play is a Montessori-based approach that introduces the stories of our faith using wonder and play, helping children to gain religious language and explore their own relationship with God.  In our Godly Play classrooms, children are empowered to reflect freely on what they have heard and experienced.  The children also begin to form their own community as they pray and break bread together.

close-up-and-cuttingSpark – 2nd and 3rd grade – In our Spark classrooms, children are diving deep into the Bible, and learning how to live out their faith at home, at school, and with their friends.  Because Spark lessons follow the Revised Common Lectionary, they reinforce the same scripture heard during worship, and connect children more fully to their own worship experience.

KingDOME- 4th and 5th grade – The KingDOME is a two-year workshop rotation program which provides a comprehensive study of the major Bible stories and Jesus’ teachings through fun, hands-on activities including art, science, drama, cinema, and games.  The KingDOME creates for children a framework of the history of God continually reaching out to humans, and teaches that each child is important in making the “kingdom come on earth.”  In the KingDOME, kids are becoming Disciples Of the Modern Era.

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Other Children’s Formation opportunities – Every year Christ Church hosts a Vacation Bible School, a popular event which attracts hundreds of people in the community. For more information on the Children’s Formation offerings or opportunities to volunteer as teachers, greeters or formation helpers, please contact Catherine Montgomery at

Follow the Children’s Christian Formation Facebook page for information and announcements.


Middle-school students jump into Sunday morning curriculum examining the latest movies, music and news to enable us to look at our culture through Biblical perspectives.

High school students participate in a variety of discussions about faith and life. We also offer unique worship and formation opportunities such as weekly breakfast gatherings at a local diner, service projects and exciting mission trips here and abroad. For more information on Youth Ministry, please contact Lauren Wainwright, Director of Youth Ministry, at or Wallace Benton, Youth Ministry Assistant, at

Adult Formation 

Adults are provided with multiple opportunities each Sunday to engage in formative classes and discussions on a variety of topics. The schedule of offerings is frequently updated.   For the most current information, please contact Fr.Remington at

Rector’s Forum – A multi-generational gathering of Christ Church members who come together on Sunday for a “holy conversation” with our Rector about our spiritual lives.

Faith Formation – Please join us each Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for engaging and transformative classes on the core of Christian Discipleship.  For information on upcoming Discipleship classes, please contact Fr. Remington at

Sunday Bible Study – An early morning Bible Study meeting on Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

Welcome to Christ Church (Newcomers) – Offered throughout the year and over four consecutive Sundays, this class provides an introduction to Christ Church and what it means to be an Episcopalian. Check the Newcomer button on the website’s homepage for Newcomer class dates.

Christian Views on the News – A discussion on how we as Christians can live a spiritual life.

Weekday Formation at Ponte Vedra Beach

Rector’s Bible Study – Led by our Rector, this Wednesday morning Bible study engages participants in stimulating conversation around Scripture.

Wednesday Evening Book Club – A spirited discussion surrounding the study of best-selling books that immerse spirituality with educational reading.

Adult Faith Formation – Please join us each Wednesday evening for engaging and transformative classes on the core of Christian Discipleship. For a calendar of upcoming Faith Formation classes, please contact Fr. Remington at

Faith-in-the-Home Forum – Meeting monthly, this formation opportunity geared toward tackling everyday issues that parents face as they raise their children in the faith.

Women in the Word – Participants in this class embrace lessons and readings from contemporary spiritual curriculum. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings.

Men’s Bible Study – Every Friday morning, this group meets to study the Bible and enjoy fellowship.

Education for Ministry (EfM) – In a weekly small group setting, Education for Ministry leads participants through four years of study, covering major areas of theological education: the Old Testament, the New Testament, church history and theology.

Mid-Week Formation for Youth – These groups meet Wednesday nights, dive into an open discussion about Christ, our lives, and what it means to be a servant leader.

The Middle School group – Low Tide, and the High School group – Leadership Team, are for students who wish to explore their faith more fully. These groups’ overall goal is to engage, expand, and empower the youth ministry at Christ Episcopal Church. The teams are entrusted with guiding and strengthening the youth activities and taking an active part in how the youth ministry is shaped.

For information on Christian Formation at our Ponte Vedra campus, contact 904-285-6127.

Formation at San Pablo

Children at San Pablo. Formation for children is based around Seasons of the Spirit. Once a month the whole Church gathers for brunch and for a social, service or formation activity for all ages. Elementary aged children are welcome to join with us after the 9.30 service.

Adult Forum at San Pablo takes place on Sundays following worship at approximately 10:30 a.m. on a seasonal basis. Please check the San Pablo pages for details.

Formation at Serenata Beach

Sundays following worship, Bishop Chalfant leads a study,  PostScripts, based upon each week’s Gospel lesson and current interests. For more information about Formation at Christ Church at Serenata, please contact Bishop Chalfant at