Spiritual Life

Episcopal spirituality is grounded in the love of God for humanity as seen in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Christian Life is life lived in Christ, through our church, family, work and community involvement. We promote an open-minded, explorative approach to developing our own relationship to the mystery that is God.

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2013 Confirmation with Bishop Howard center and Bishop Keyser in the backAdult Confirmation

Confirmation is a very important event in the life of the Church and in the life of those who are being confirmed. Where in baptism parents make promises on behalf their children, confirmation is an individual’s personal covenant of faithfulness to God and the Church with the continued support of the Church Community. Confirmation is a journey. It is a time of exploration, discovery and commitment which will require participants to grow in community with God and each other as well as engage in the life of the Church.

Intercessor Prayer Request

Part of our oneness in Christ should be our concern to pray for one another. If you desire prayers of petition for yourself or intercession for others, prayer request cards are available at the church, or you can download one here (pdf of card). Please complete the card and place it in the offering plate or in the box in the Narthex. Permission to pray for others is required. We will call you to verify this request. You or the person for whom you request prayers will be prayed for daily by the Intercessors. All information is confidential.

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